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Scratch Tutorials – Learn to code Scratch by following video tutorials!

Turn the worm easy Scratch 3 tutorial

Turn the worm! Scratch game

Introduction Welcome to the Turn the Worm Scratch 3 game tutorial. This game is easy to make and has very simple controls but it is quite addictive. I’m sure you’ll
Scratch 2 player space race tutorial beginner game

Space Race 2 Player Atari Classic Clone

An easy to follow and beginner friendly video tutorial to create a 2 player Scratch clone of the 1973 classic, Space Race.

Retro 2 Player Snake-like Game (Blockade)

A beginner friendly Scratch 3 tutorial for how to create a 2 Player Snake style game, a clone of the 1975 Gremlin games classic.

Bubble Popping Game Tutorial

A medium difficulty Scratch tutorial for a game where you have to pop and ever increasing number of bubbles.

Dodge Ball Game Tutorial

Learn how to code an easy and fun dodge ball game using Scratch. Simple to follow video tutorial.

Reaction Timer Scratch Game Tutorial

Test your reactions and learn to code Scratch in this easy to follow tutorial video! A great fun game that's simple to make but surprisingly addictive!

Christmas Countdown Scratch Animation

Want to know how many days are left until Xmas? Well now you code your very own Scratch project to show you how! Simple and easy to follow video tutorial.

Tile Slider Game

Make your very own virtual picture slider game, so that you can experience what it was like to live in a world before Xbox and PlayStation consoles. 🙂

Bounce Mania

Code your own dodge the bouncing ball game in Scratch. Simple to code but very addictive!

Scratch 3 Platformer Game Tutorial

Learn how to create your own platformer game using Scratch in this easy to follow and beginner friendly tutorial.

Scratch Frogger Game Tutorial

Learn how to create a clone of the arcade classic Frogger game

Knife Throwing Game Tutorial

Learn how to create a fun little game where the objective is to throw as many knives as possible into the spinning wood. Avoid hitting knives that are already stuck!

Scratch Log Flume Simulator

Learn how to create a simple log flume simulation with its very own AI floating boat.
Scratch 3 Analogue Clock Tutorial

Working Analogue Clock

Learn how to code a working analogue clock in Scratch 3. Easy to follow, beginner friendly tutorial.

Saving high scores to the cloud

Learn how to save high scores to the cloud using Scratch 3.
Scratch 3 Maze game tutorial

Steady Hand Maze

Learn how to make a steady hand maze navigation game using the Scratch blocks based programming language. Highly educational, engaging and lots of fun!!

Scratch Paint Game Tutorial

Make your own simple clone of the paint program we all know and love! Learn to code and create using Scratch!

Fruit Ninja Scratch Tutorial

A great little Scratch game where you have to chop up the fruits as they fall down.
Flappy bird Scratch tutorial

Scratch Flappy Bird Game Tutorial

Learn how to code a clone of one of the Internet's most popular mini games - Flappy Bird!

Scratch Multiple Choice Quiz

Program your own multiple choice quiz using the Scratch block based language, so that you can quiz all your friends

Scratch Vertical Scrolling Game

Learn how to make a simple 2 player top scrolling game where you have to fly through a cavern.
Scratch Clicker Game Tutorial

Scratch Crazy Clicker Game Tutorial

Crazy Clicker Scratch Game Tutorial Clicker games shouldn’t be half as fun as they are – all you do is just keep on clicking as fast as you can! But

Scratch Snake Game Tutorial

Learn how to code a clone of the Nokia classic - the highly addictive Snake - using Scratch

Tron Bikes Game Tutorial

Tron - a movie that inspired a generation of coders and VR enthusiasts. Learn how to code your own Tron Cycles game using Scratch.

Scratch Endless Runner

Code your own side-scrolling endless runner for infinite fun. A good introduction to sprite-sheets.

Ball Platformer Game Tutorial

Simple and fun, rolling ball platformers are great introduction to platform game gravity and mechanics.

Scratch Adventure Game Video Tutorial

Learn the basics of making simple adventure/dialogue based games in Scratch.

Cat vs Mouse Tutorial

A super simple game for absolute Scratch beginners and younger learners. Should take about 25 minutes to complete.

Scratch Baseball Game Tutorial

Make your own baseball game in code using Scratch

Scratch Mini Golf Easy Game Tutorial

Fun little game where you code your own Crazy golf game in Scratch

Scratch Match the pairs (concentration game tutorial)

Recreate the classic concentration / pairs card game in Scratch.

Dodge the falling balls game

Create a dodge ball game in the now retired Scratch 1.4 programming language.

Scratch City Defender Game Tutorial

Can you save the city from certain death by destroying the falling asteroids? Of course you can!

Scratch two player tank game

Code 2 player game in Scratch where the objective is destroy the opposing tank. A great introduction to the stamp tool use for destructible scenery

Scratch Racing Game Tutorial

A Scratch tutorial for how to create a two player game where you race around a track.

Scratch Maze Game Tutorial Lesson

A beginner friendly coding tutorial for maze game that is great for learning the basics of Scratch programming.

Whack A Mole Scratch Game Tutorial

Create a clone of the classic whack-a-mole game.
Scratch Breakout Game Tutorial

Scratch Breakout Game Tutorial

Create very own version of this arcade classic in Scratch. Learning the basics of cloning sprites and detecting collisions.

Scratch Football Game Tutorial

A fun little football game where you have to try and get the ball on the opposing net.

Scratch Pong Game Tutorial

A true classic, this retro classic is super easy to code in Scratch.

Helicopter Game

Learn how to simulate basic gravity in this fun Scratch chopper coding tutorial.