Scratch breakout game tutorial

In this Scratch breakout game tutorial we will be looking how to remake a simple version of this classic game, as well as giving you some extension challenges to complete!


Here is what your finished stage will look like, with the bat, ball and bricks. We have used sprite cloning to create all the bricks except one!


Scratch Breakout Game Tutorial
The Stage, set up.


Here is what sprites you will end up with.

The finished sprites
The finished sprites

Bat Code

This is the code for the bat, nice and simple. It just needs to match it’s x coordinate to the x coordinate of the mouse.

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Ball Code

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The ball has two main scripts. The first script (on the right) gets the ball to move and bounce off the edge of the screen, the second script(left) gets the ball to change direction when it bumps in to the bat or a brick.

Brick Code

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The brick code needs to create all the clones of itself, to fill the screen with bricks. It also needs to keep track of how many lives each brick has left.

Stage Code

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The stage code chooses what backdrop to display.

Extension Challenges


  • Make it so that you ball speed increases every thirty seconds.
  • Add a start screen / start button.
  • Add sound effects to your game.


  • Make it so that ┬áthe bricks change colour when they are hit.
  • Make it so that some bricks have different hit points or some are unbreakable.


  • Add multiple levels and multiple difficult options to your game