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Information for teachers / educators


Scratch tutorials introduction

Scratch video tutorials are a great way to introduce pupils to basic concepts and techniques. After completing the unit pupils will have a good grounding to go on to make their Scratch games, together with the confidence gained from completing a range of different projects.

That being said the best way for pupils to reach their full potential is to give them a project to do on their own at the end. The emphasis should be on experimentation, learning and creativity.

Experienced Pupils

Experienced / Highly Capable Pupils

If you have pupils who already have plenty of experience in Scratch and find the tutorials too easy then you have a couple of choices:

  • You can just issue the pupils with the challenge brief for the tutorial the other pupils are following and they have to code the project independently
  • You can get the pupils to attempt one of the more challenging tutorials. In this instance I would recommend to start with:
    • Knife throwing game
    • Snake
    • Fruit Ninja
    • Tron Bikes
  • You can get the pupils to plan and develop their own game. You can place a strong emphasis on the quality of visual and audio assets, as well as game play and features.

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