Space Race 2 Player Atari Classic Clone

Scratch 2 player space race tutorial beginner game


Space Race 2 player retro game Scratch Tutorial

Scratch 2 player space race tutorial beginner game

In this video tutorial we will be showing you how to create a clone of the 1973 classic, space race, by Atari. It’s a wonderful 2 player game that you can code in Scratch, simple but fun to play.


Demo Game

Here is a demo game for the 2 player Scratch game that you will learn how to create. Click on the green flag and have a go yourself.


Video Tutorial

Here is the video for the 2 player Scratch game tutorial, just watch it and code along with me.

Can access YouTube? Then watch the Google Drive Version Here.

Spaceship Sprite

Spaceship Sprite

Here is the the space ship sprite for you to download.

Alternatively you can create your own sprite by using the online pixel sprite editor, Piskel.

Challenge yourself!

Extra Challenges

Have you finished this 2 player Scratch tutorial and want to add more to your project? Here are some improvements that you could make to your game to make it even better!

Add some background music to the game

Add a start menu

Add a difficulty option at the start of the game so that the players can choose how fast the asteroids go and how many asteroids appear on the screen.