Scratch Maze Game Tutorial

In this week’s lesson we will be working our way through the Scratch maze game tutorial. You will learn how to :

  • Move and animate Scratch, using coordinates, costumes and a game loop
  • Keep track of and switch between levels using variables
  • Keep track of the score and player lives using variables
  • Add power-ups and moving baddies to your game

As always it is best if you watch, and importantly listen to, the tutorial video. The tutorial video goes further than just showing you what blocks to use, it explains how it works and why I chose to do it that particular way. There are many ways to program games and an important skill is learning when to use each approach!

Have a go at this demo of the game to get a feel for how it works!

Tutorial Video

Can’t access YouTube? Click Here



Sprites and Stage

Here are the sprites and stage backgrounds that were used / created.

Scratch Maze Game Tutorial

level-1-design level-2-design

Scratch the Cat Code

Here is the code for Scratch the cat.  This code moves Scratch around the screen, animates scratch and changes the score and the level.

Click to enlarge
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Stage Code

Here the code for the stage. This code just changes the background costume.

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Power-up Code

This code controls the banana power-up.


Baddie Code

This code moves the baddie bat around the screen.


Stretch Challenges

Finished the tutorial? Here are some improvements that you can make:

  • more power-ups (easy)
  • more baddies (easy)
  • a game complete screen (medium)
  • Level completion time-based bonus (medium)