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Beginner’s Course

The beginner’s Python course for KS3. Full video tutorials and bronze,silver,gold level challenges.

Lesson 1 Input and Print

Lesson 1
Input and Print


Lesson 2

Lesson 3
Simple Data Types

Lesson 4
While Loops

Lesson 5
For Loops

Lesson 6
1D Lists

Lesson  7
2D Lists

Lesson 8

Lesson 3 Text Files

Lesson 9
Text Files

Lesson 10
CSV Files













Intermediate Course

This follows on from the year 9 course and introduces some of the extras needed to complete the GCSE level Assignments.


Lesson 4 Multiple Screens

Multiple Screens

SQLite3 Databases


Python tutorial how to add console colors without installing a 3rd party module

Console Colors

Python Tables

Date and Time

Functions & Procedures


Animating Text

Pythons Sets







Video Tutorial Walkthroughs

Full project video tutorials, from start to finish, for you to follow along and make.


Waiting Game

Python rock paper scissors game

Rock,Scissor Paper

Calorie Tracker

Calorie Tracker

Hangman Game

Hangman Game

Shopping List

Python Higher or Lower Card Game







Project Ideas

Project Ideas

Text Adventure game

Weather App

Exchange rates app

Stock Price Tracker

Class seating planner with friend preferences

Game Challenges Ideas for future development

Python Christmas Coding Challenge Ideas

Python arcade


Python Hour of Code Activities

Grok Disease

Good for before the unit has started or for an early cover lesson.

Frozen Fractals

Good for before the unit has started of as a holiday lesson / homework

Build an Animal Grok Learning

Good for a review/cover lesson after lesson 3

Graphing with Python (Advanced)

Good for a student who is far ahead or finished the unit.

Eliza Chatbot

Another good introduction to Python for lower ability / less confident students