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Python Waiting (Time Guessing) Game


In this tutorial we walk through the process of making a simple guessing game. Basic steps to follow are:

  • Display and introduction to the user.
  • Tell them how many seconds they need to wait before pressing enter
  • Wait until the user presses enter
  • Calculate the difference and tell them how well they did

Remember! If you are feeling confident, see if you can have a go at coding the game without watching the tutorial! You can always fall back on the tutorial if you get to a difficult bit!

Video Tutorial

Here is the full video tutorial. Make sure you listen to, as well as watch, the video as I explain how things work and why I did things the way I did them

Youtube Blocked, Click here for the Google Drive Version

Full Code

Stretch Challenges

  • Add an option to choose the difficult level, with the harder option having a longer wait time.
  • Add a high score table to your game where the player name and score is saved to a high score txt file (or database/csv/pickle file!)