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Year 11 Transition Work CIE Computer Science

Year 11 Transition Work

In  order to prepare for the CIE A Level Computer Science course, you should look to complete the following learning over the holidays prior to the course.

Step 1 – Complete the Python Programming Challenges

If you haven’t already done so you should complete the Python programming challenges found here.

Step 2 – Full Program Walkthrough

Once you have completed the programming challenges your next objective should be to pick 3 of the program walkthrough tutorials to follow. These will help you develop the skills and understanding to start developing larger programming projects. The walk-throughs can be found here.

Step 3 – Mini Project

Finally you should look to code your own program. Your first project doesn’t need to be big, as long as you get opportunity to practise the basics.

Project Ideas 

  • Todo list tracker
  • Alarm application
  • Scrabble helper application
  • Budget tracker
  • Text based adventure game
  • Address book application
  • Holiday budget planner

Want more ideas? Take a look here