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How to make a teleporter in Minecraft using Python


In this tutorial video we show you how to make a simple teleporter in Minecraft using Python coding. Your player will be able to walk on to a block and be instantly transported to a set location, and back again if needed!

Tutorial Video

Here is the tutorial video, as always make sure that you watch and listen to the video, rather than just copying the code, as you learn far more if you do!

Stretch Challenges

Finished your teleporter and want to make it even better? Here are some ideas!

  • Code a for glass surround for each end of your teleporter so that it looks like something out of star trek.
  • Create a teleporter that sends you between 3 locations, instead of 2, in a triangle.

Full Code

Here is the full code for the project. Make sure that you watch the video and work through, it’s far more effective than just copying the cod for helping you to learn!