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Python rock, paper, scissors game

Python rock paper scissors game

Python Rock Paper Scissors Game


The first thing that I always do before coding a larger program is plan my game. I usually get out a piece of paper and sketch out my ideas for the different functions, variables and the user interface (the text screen).

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Player Choice Function

The first function that we are going to develop is the playerChoice() function.

This function will:

  • Ask the user for an input
  • Check if it is an acceptable input
  • If it isn’t repeat the process of asking
  • If it is, return either rock, scissors or paper.

Computer Choice Function

The next function we will create is the computer choice function

This function will:

  • Pick a random choice from the list [“rock”,”paper”,”scissors”]
  • Return the choice

Play a round function

The next part of our program is the play a round function. Here we will start to combine the other functions to make a basic working version of the game.

Main Function

Finally we pull the whole thing together with a main function. The job of this function is to:

  • Run the code for each  round
  • Keep track of the round
  • Keep track of the score
  • Print out the final score

Complete Game Code