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Project week theme: Divergent

divergent logos

Divergent project week

The theme for this year’s project week is Divergent, the movie about one girl’s struggle to fit in to a system of factions.

Each faction has its own unique traits and values, and each uses the technology of the future in different ways.

You will need to pick which faction that you belong to and then you will set about making a project for that faction!



Members of Abdignation are selfless and without pride. They don’t wear fancy clothes or jewelry. In fact the only item they are allowed to wear is a watch!

Smart Watch

In this project you are going to code your own smart-watch!

Features of your smartwatch might include:

  • Clock
  • Message reader
  • Smartphone media controller
  • Find my smartphone function
  • Smartphone remote picture.
Smartwatch tutorial Step counter


Dauntless pride themselves on their strength, courage and physical skill. They need to have nerves of steel and be able to perform precise physical maneuvers.

Steady hand game

You mission is to create a steady hand style game using the Microbit, where the user has to improve their coordination skills by successfully navigating a maze!

Steady hand game Reaction timer




Erudite pride themselves on their mental abilities. Superior intelligence and an excellent memory are absolute requirements for this faction.

Memory game

You mission is to create a ‘Simon says’ style memory game on the Microbit, where the user has to remember and copy the instructions flashed on the LED screen.


Bop it memory game

Amityamity logo

Amity are the most peaceful of all the factions and they pride themselves on being at one with themselves and nature. They are the faction that is responsible for agriculture and for maintenance.

Plant moisture level detector

Growing crops is one of the prime functions of the Amity faction and your mission will be to create an automatic alarm that alerts the gardeners when the moisture level is too low.

Moisture level detector Fruit keyboard

Automatic light system

Some plants, such as dragon fruits, produce more fruit it they are kept under lights throughout the night time, as well as during the day.

Your mission is to create an automatic lighting system, that turns on when the light goes dark and turns off when it gets light again!

Digital pet Music maker


Candor are the most honest of all the factions, which is why they are chosen as the judges. They possess a truth serum which forces a person to tell the truth even if they don’t want to!

Truth or dare spinner

You mission is to make an electronic truth or dare spinner.

First your spinner will activate a servo, which will spin in a circle for a random amount of time. It will then stop on a person and the display will either say truth or dare and they person will have to do as the Microbit requires!

 Truth or dare game tutorial  Mood badge

divergent logos

Don’t fit neatly in to any one faction? Feel like you want to go it alone? Sounds like you are divergent!

You can use any of the equipment available to make a project of your own!

Equipment available:

  1. Servos
  2. Motors
  3. 1 robot car kit
  4. 1 robot arm
  5. 1 ultrasonic sensor
  6. LEDs
  7. An LED strip
  8. Much more

Remember you will only have 4 hours and limited help – divergent have to go it alone!