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Microbit Steady hand game tutorial

Microbit Steady Hand Game Tutorial

In this tutorial we will show you how to make a steady hand game, where the users has to navigate their way through a wire maze without touching the bare wire of the maze. This project is super easy to make and cheap too!

You will need:



Wiring up the circuit is really easy, you just need to make a Pull-up resistor circuit that will register an input of high when the wires are touching(when your controlled wire touches the maze wire) and registers a low when the two aren’t touching.

Microbit steady hand game wiring

Here is a simple script that you can test to see if you have successfully wired up your Microbit! This code can also be used to test other projects that use a digital input.

Microbit steady hand game digital input test script

Here is the finished project – it’s just in need of some decoration!

Microbit steady hand game completed project

Here is the final code for the full project, coded using Javascript CodeKingdoms.

Microbit steady hand game full code

Take a look at the complete video for making the project, from start to finish.