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Part to Part and Part to Whole Ratios


Lesson Objective

“I can divide a given quantity into 2 parts in a given part:part or part:whole ratio

This lesson is nice and simple. Your are given an amount and you need to split it into 2 parts when you are given one of two ratios:

part to part ratio

If I have 50 eggs and the part to part ratio is 2:3 hens eggs to duck eggs:

  • 20 hens eggs and 30 duck eggs


part to whole ratio

In this one you need to calculate the missing part, which is easy because you just use subtraction.

If have a bag of 20 red and blue marbles and the part to whole ratio of red is 2:5, then the blue ratio amount must be 3 (5-2). Therefore the part to part ratio of red to blue is 2:3

this will mean that I have

  • 8 red marbles
  • 12 blue marbles



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