Wired Network Hardware

Network Interface Controller / Card

All servers and clients need to have a network interface card to access the network.

Network interface cards a machine to connect to a network using an Ethernet cable.


Switches and hubs

With a small network you might get away with connecting all of your clients directly to the server, but larger networks require hubs/switches in between to control the flow of data within the network.



The job of a router is to connect two different types of network together. Within most organisations a router is used to connect the internal Local Area Network to the Internet.

Home networking

You home broadband often comes with what the broadband companies call a ‘router’, these are actually composite devices that combine:

  • A Router
  • A Firewall
  • A Wireless Network Access Point
  • A Wired Network Switch


Activity 1 – LAN Network

Using the link below create a LAN network with the following:

  • Two separate user computer rooms with 5 machines in each
  • 2 printers (one in each room)
  • An admin room with 2 computers
  • A server room with 2 servers in it(one doing a different function each)
  • An internet connection with firewall.
  • Add Switches and Routers as appropriate.


Activity 2 – WAN Network

Adapt your previous diagram to include 2 sites instead of one, with a bridge in between each site