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Network Hardware Crossword

Have a go at filling out the crossword. The squares will turn green if you are correct!

1. A node in a network that passes data through to the internet
2. A device that forwards packets from one network to another network
3. A device that forwards packets within a network using MAC addresses
4. A device within a computer that allows it to connect to a network. Abbr
5. Device that connects separate network segments into one large network
6. Device boosts the signal within a section of a network.
7. A device for hosting a website 3,6
8. A device that centrally holds users files 4,6
9. Device that forwards packets on to all devices connected to it.
10. Most common form of wired network technology.
11. A device that is used to control internet traffic within a network. 5,6
12. A device that allows wireless devices to connect to a network. Abbr
13. The standard wireless networking protocol