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BEL Leader’s Bag

When you are out leading D of E expeditions, you need to be able to cope with a wide range of situations that you Duke of Edinburgh students might get themselves in to.

Here is my list of pieces of kit to carry.

Group Shelter ( 8 - 10 person)

Your group might not be this large, but you are better off investing in a larger shelter in case you take a larger group in future.





Group first aid kit

Hot drinks

  • Hot drink selection (tea, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate, Bovril, juice)
  • Jetboil / other mini stove to boil water fast.


2-3 litres ( in 500ml bottles) – depending on the weather


A variety of high glucose / protein foods including:

  • Sweets
  • Cereal bars
  • Glucose gels


  • Spare Waterproofs
  • Spare hat / gloves / scarf

Navigation equipment

  • Spare map
  • Spare compass
  • Spare whistle

Miscellaneous Items

  • Gaffer tape
  • Super Glue
  • Zip Ties
  • 50p of 10 pence coins ( for telephone box)
  • Phone card (for telephone box)
  • Spare boot laces
  • head torch
  • insect repellent
  • sun cream
  • Notepad