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SRAM is used in the CPU as Cahce memory as it is incredibly fast

Static RAM (SRAM)

  • SRAM uses on-chip memory to store data, which makes it very fast.
  • It is used in the CPU Cache memory because of its speed.
  • It costs more compared to DRAM
  • It has a lower storage density (amount stored per area)






DRAM is used in main memory due to it’s cheaper cost and higher storage density than SRAM

Dynamic Ram (DRAM)

  • DRAM uses off-chip memory to store data,  which means it is fast, but not as fast as SRAM
  • It is used in the main memory
  • It costs less compared to SRAM
    • It has a higher storage density compared to SRAM




Tutorial Video

Tutorial Video

A great video that explores the differences between SRAM and DRAM