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Quantum Cryptography



Advantages of Quantum Cryptography

  • Quantum Cryptography has the potential to minimize the risks to encryption posed by every increasing computer power and quantum computing.
  • It allows secure communication to continue even when standard encryption is no longer regarded as secure.






Drawbacks / limitations of Quantum Cryptography

  • Quantum cryptography is currently prohibitively expensive for most potential use cases.
  • At present quantum cryptography has a limited range (200km for fiber optic connections). This means that for distances further than 200km relays would have to be used and therefore open the system up to an attack vector that would allow a man-in-the-middle attack.








Applications of Quantum Cryptography

Currently due the cost and logistical issues quantum cryptography is most limited in application to military or high-level government communication, as can be seen in the Chinese government’s deployment in Beijing and else.