OCR GCSE Computer Science Course Overview

The objective of this course is to teach you the fundamentals of Computer Science.

The Practical element includes:

  • how to code in Python, the worlds most popular language.
  • how to create, edit and use SQL databases, the world’s most popular database system.
  • Common algorithms suchs as sorting, searching and encryption algorithms.

The theory element includes:

  • How computer hardware works (the CPU, storage devices, input & output devices).
  • How networks work.
  • How computers represent data (images, sound, text, etc).
  • How binary, hexadecimal and truth tables work.
  • Much,much more!

OCR GCSE Computer Science Course Overview

Practical Elements of the Course

Python Programming

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Learn how to code in the world’s most popular and easy to learn language. Learn the core skills of coding, transferable to any programming language.


SQL Database Programming


Lear how to create, edit and write queries for the most popular database language in the world.



Learn how to code micro-controllers – the devices at the core of the Internet-of-things boom (smart Tvs, smart fridges,smart security..)


Examination Breakdown (current year 11 cohort)

Paper Based Theory Exam


  • 40% of your final mark
  • Paper based in exam hall
  • 90 Minutes
  • Probably in June 2017

Controlled Assessment Project 1


  • Computer based research project in the classroom
  • 30% of your final mark
  • 20 Hours total
  • Produce an electronic report to a professional quality
  • September – October 2016

Controlled Assessment Project 2


  • 30% of final mark
  • Computer based programming project in the classroom
  • 20 hours total
  • Produce an electronic professional quality report
  • November 2016 to Jan 2017

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Examination Breakdown (current year 10 cohort)

Computer Systems Exam


  • 40% of overall mark
  • Paper based exam in exam hall
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Mostly theory with some algorithms

Computational Thinking Exam


  • 40% of overall mark
  • Paper based exam in exam hall
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Mostly writing, debugging and discussing programs and algorithms.

Programming Project


  • 20% of your final mark
  • Classroom based project
  • Research, programming and report
  • Written report submitted in electronic format
  • Completed in controlled conditions in the classroom over 20 hours
Term Year 10 Year 11
Autumn – HT 1 Python Beginner Controlled Assessment
Autumn – HT 2 Python Intermediate Theory -Computers & Networks
Spring – HT 1 SQL Databases Theory – Data representation
Spring – HT 2 SQL & Python  Algorithms
Summer – HT 1 Python Building Programs Exam Preparation
Summer – HT 2 Independent Programming Project Study leave

* Current year 11s will be completing their 2nd controlled assessment


Current Year 11s (Old syllabus)

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Current Year 11s

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