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Truth or dare game

step 8

You will need:

Step 1 - Prepare the servo

Step 1 – Strip the ends of the Servo wires and attach them to the banana crocodile clips.





Step 2 - Test the servo

Connect your servo to the Microbit and run some test code to make sure it works.

Microbit with servo connected using banana plugs

  • Brown / Black – Ground GND
  • Red – 3V
  • Orange – Pin 0
Test code

microbit continuous servo with stop code

Step 3 - Attach the servo

Create holes and add your spinner

step 2

Cut a hole for the spinner

step 3



Step 4 - attach the Microbit

Cut holes and add your Microbit

Cut holes for your Microbit

Cut holes for your Microbit

step 7

Attach your Microbit

Step 5 - attach the spinner

Cut out and attach your spinner

Attach your spinner to the Servo plastic thingy

Attach your spinner to the Servo plastic thingy

step 8

Step 6 - Wire up your Microbit

Wire up your Microbit. Now attach your:

  • Banana Clips
  • Battery Pack


Microbit Code Kingdoms Javascript


Oohh Lovely code :-)

Oohh Lovely code 🙂

  • The spinning arm could move in random directions or speed up / slow down over time.
  • Instead of just displaying Truth/Dare your program to give the user a specific dare to do / truth to tell from a list of truths/dares.
  • You could add a speaker / buzzer to the project and include sound effects.