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The Friendship test

The aim of the this project is to find out how good a friend your friend is, by asking them a number of questions. The Microbit keeps track of their answer each time and will give them a friendship score percentage at the end

In this program we will be using Python coding.

You can access the Python Microbit ‘Create Code’ link below.

Micropython Microbit Create Code
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# This project is designed to test how good a friend you are
# by asking you a number of questions about your friend.
from microbit import *

questions = \
[["Is my favourite colour A - red or B - green?","B"],
["Is my favourite food A - Pizza or B - Spaghetti?","B"],
["Is my cat's name A - Meg or B - Smeg","A"]]

score = 0

for question in questions:
    while True:
        if button_a.is_pressed():
            guess = "A"
        elif button_b.is_pressed():
            guess = "B"
        elif accelerometer.was_gesture("shake"):
    if guess == question[1]:
        score += 1
    display.scroll("Score:" + str(score))

display.scroll("Your friendship score is " + str((score/len(questions))*100) + "%" )