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Course Overview

ICT IGCSE Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to teach students how to:

  • appropriately and effectively use ICT productivity applications such as word-processing, spreadsheet and database systems.
  • use ICT to solve problems more efficiently than on paper.
  • analysis, design, test and implement ICT systems.
  • identify, describe and discuss the issues and risks surrounding ICT use.
  • use ICT systems to improve your work and home life.

Paper Based Theory Exam

ICT IGCSE Course Overview

  • Paper based in exam hall
  • 40% of mark
  • 2 and a half hour paper
  • Usually examined in June of your final year


Computer Based Practical Exam x 2

ict igse course overview computer exam

  • Computer based in an ICT Room
  • 60% of final mark
  • 2 x 2 and a half hour papers
  • Usually examined in April of your final year

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Paper 1 – Theory Exam


  • 2 hours written exam
  • 40% of your final mark


  • All topics covered in the course may appear in this section, though the focus will be on topics 1 to 10. (See the menu for the topics & Subtopics).
  • You will be assessed on your technical knowledge of ICT, how ICT is deployed within the ‘real world’ and the problems and issues that arise from ICT use.

If you want to know what the exam will look like, a past paper can be found here

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Paper 2 – Word, Access & PowerPoint


  • 2 hours 30 minutes Computer Based exam
  • 30% of your final mark

Topic covered

  • Document Production (Word)
  • Data Manipulation (MS Access databases)
  • Presentations(PowerPoint)


Paper 3 – Excel, HTML and CSS

excel logo 2css32html logo

  • 2 hours 30 minutes Computer Based exam
  • 30% of your final mark

Topics covered

  • Data Analysis (MS Excel)
  • Website Authoring ( HTML and CSS)

Year 10

 Term Theory Practical
Autumn 1 Unit 1 Word
Autumn 2 Unit 2 Word
Spring 1 Unit 3 Access
Spring 2 Unit 4 Access
Summer 1 Unit 5 PowerPoint
Summer 2 Revision PowerPoint

Year 11

 Term Theory Practical
Autumn 1 Unit 6 Excel
Autumn 2 Unit 7 HTML
Spring 1 Unit 8 CSS
Spring 2 Unit 9 Revison
Summer 1 Revision Revision
Summer 2