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Applications in Manufacturing Industries

Car manufacturing

Car Manufacturing


  • Very accurate fast production.
  • Removes humans from dangerous jobs.
  • Caused mass unemployment.
  • Major safety issues are missed due to rapid up-scaling of production ( e.g. Toyota)

CPU manufcturing

CPU Manufacturing

  • Far too small for a human to make by hand
  • Whole process needs to be 100% clean, therefore a hermetically sealed environment is needed.
  • The whole process needs to be 100% exact or the processor will fail.


3D printing manufacturing

3D Printing



  • Can be used for low volume, bespoke items, adapted from a template.
  • Very cheap to print plastic objects (compared to injection moulding)


  • Not very accurate so far.
  • Slow printing times, so not good for high volumes.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of ICT

Advantages of ICT in manufacturing

  • Very fast and accurate production
  • Don’t get sick / need holidays / sleep
  • Don’t often make errors (but when they do they are multiplied by thousands…)
  • Some items (cars / trucks) are too heavy for humans to lift by hand.
  • Dangerous / hazardous jobs ( spray painting) can be done by robots.


  • Very high setup costs
  • Long lead time



Create an A3 poster showing how ICT is used in the manufacturing industry.