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6.14 recognition systems


Recognition systems

A recognition system is a computer application that can be used to recognise things like speech fingerprints and writing.


An OCR system is a normal scanner and some special software. The scanner is used to scan text on a document or piece of paper into the computer. The OCR software then examines the page and changes the letters into a form that can be edited or processed by a normal word processing package.

Speech recognition is a computer application being able to respond to speech. A car entertainment system may respond to simple commands like Radio On or Radio Off because its computer programming includes speech recognition. Speech recognition is still very challenging as a computer finds it difficult to deal with different accents speaking speeds and high background noise.


Advantages of recognition systems

  • They are they are quick
  • They are easy to use
  • If someone can’t write they can use speech recognition


Disadvantages of recognition systems

  • Speech recognition might not understand some accents
  • ORC systems need neat handwriting
  • Finger prints could change become unreadable