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Newsletters are a form of communication that is released on a regular basis (weekly, monthly or termly)

They are used to keep people informed on a subject that they are interested in.

For example:

  • Club newsletters detailing the new meeting
  • School newsletters informing parents of recent and upcoming events.
  • Community newsletters publicising fundraising events and targets.
Advantages of paper based newsletters
  • Effective way of targeting a specific audience (leaflet drops in a small village)
  • Great for people who don’t have access to the internet
Disadvantages of paper based newsletters
  • Can get expensive to print and distribute
  • Causes pollution – Many leaflets will just get binned
  • Can only target people in a certain geographic area.


More recently, many organisations have shifted from paper based newsletters to electronic newsletters. These are much quicker and easier to produce, as well as being much cheaper to distribute.

Example of  on-line newsletter publishing software: