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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Like many of the other emerging technologies, virtual reality has long been a staple of science fiction. The movie ‘The Lawnmover Man’, among many other movies, was based entirely on the that premise.

Virtual Reality has actually been around for quite a while and has been working as a ‘functional product’ as early as the 1980s, but the technology never really took off, due problem with:

  • Portability and Battey life issues
  • Lags between head movement and image movement causing ‘motion sickness’ in many people.
  • The prohibitive costs involved.

As such Virtual Reality remained as a novelty or specialist usage device until the last 5 years. On in the last 5 years has there been developed a computer that is:

  • Highly portable
  • Good battery life
  • High resolution screen
  • Built in motions sensors (accelerometers and magnetometers)
  • High processing power to reduce latency.
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

What computer? Your smartphone of course!

Military Virtual Reality

The military has been interested in the use of Virtual Reality for over a decade. VR allows soliders to practice their skills on a virtual battlefield, immersing themselves in a highly realistic simulation that provides them with valuable experience, without the cost, dangers and organisational difficulties of practicing in a real environment.

Did you know? 

When soldiers  practice firing blank rounds in a mock battle, each round fired costs 50p? Even a small exercise involving a platoon of 30 troops can cost £10,000, just for couple of days practice.


America’s Army – an infantry simulator developed by  the US army.

 VR in Engineering





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