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Laptop PCs

Laptop Computer

A laptop is a portable version of a Desktop PC where all of the components and peripherals are included within the device itself. A laptop usually includes a:

  • Screen
  • Keyboard
  • Touchpad
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Wireless  / Wired networking
  • USB Ports
  • SD Card reader.

Uses of a laptop computer

  • Laptops were originally invented as device that could be used instead of the office/home pc when the user was away from home.
  • Very popular with businesses and professional who need work on the go whilst travelling and or community.
  • Popular replacement for Desktop PCS in smaller homes or where the user wants to do work in bed / on the sofa.
  • More recently many users have entirely replaced their home desktop pc with a laptop, due to improvements in processing power and screen size.
  • Some laptops are marketed as ‘gaming laptops’ and include an top-end graphics card.


  • More portable than a Desktop PC
  • Smaller profile, takes up less office space
  • All required components are included in one package.


  • If a component breaks they can be difficult /expensive to repair
  • Smaller screen size makes some uses impractical ( photo / video editing)
  • They are more expensive for the price than desktop PCs in terms of computing power.
  • Usually contain low-performance graphics cards meaning that you can’t play newer computer games
  • Battery life isn’t always great