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Desktop PCs

A desktop PC was, until recently the most widely used type of computer, though it has now been replace by the smart phone.

It usually consists of a number of separate components, including:

  • A Base unit that contains the computer itself
  • A separate monitor/screen
  • A keyboard
  • A mouse

A desktop PC is usually used for:

  • Office work (word process, email, spreadsheets)
  • PC Gaming
  • Image and Video Editing

Desktop PCs:

  • are usually very good value for money.
  • contain top end components, that usually make them good, playing computer games or performing graphics intensive operations ( video editing)
  • are cheap and easy to upgrade, giving them a long life.
  • are difficult to steal
  • contain a number of USB and PCI ports, which allow a wide range of peripherals to be connected to them.

Desktop PCs

  • Aren’t very portable
  • Take up a large amount of space
  • Require the user to purchase a number of different peripherals such as speakers and webcams.