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Laser Printers

Jasmine Chulaser printerrms & Amy Davies

A printer which prints using powdered ink, called toner. Toner is fused onto paper by heat and pressure. They work through electronically charging a piece of paper with the digital images selected for printing.


  • In workplaces
  • Printing high qualitylaser printer2
  • Home printer


  • High quality printouts- better than ink jet or dot matrix printers
  • Fast printouts- faster than ink jet or dot matrix printers
  • Prints very quietly- quieter than ink jet or dot matrix printers
  • Cost per page is low- cheaper than ink jet or dot matrix printers
  • Much more efficient than ink jet printers- capable of producing several thousand prints from one toner cartridge


  • Most expensive printer to buy especially colour lasers
  • Toner is more expensive than ink jet cartridges
  • Expensive to repair- lots of complex equipment inside
  • Fairly bulky- larger than ink jet printers
  • Can’t use continuous or multi-part stationary to create carbon copies like you can with a dot-matrix printer
  • They are more suited to printing text rather than graphics
  • They tend to produce images that have a shiny, artificial look


  • Ink jet printer
  • Dot matrix printer