Laser printers

How they work

Laser Printers

How Laser Printers Work

Printing Process

Laser Printing Process


Main Uses

Main Usage

Laser Printers are mainly used in office or commercial environments where large volumes of printing is required. Office Laser printers usually print double sided and some offer advanced functionality such as stapling documents together and double up as photocopiers / scanners.




  • Laser printers are generally faster than other printers
  • They are more reliable than inkjet and bubblejet printers
  • The toner is waterproof, making it more useful in damp environments
  • The printing costs are much lower than for other printers (3 to 4 times cheaper)



  • The  initial cost outlay for the printer is generally much higher than for other printers
  • Toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartridges