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Use of programming techniques

1- 2 Attempted to solve a few of tasks.

3 – 4 Attempted to solve most of the tasks

5 – 6 Attempted to solve all of the tasks


You also need to make sure that you have used most(read all) of the techniques listed. You need to demonstrate the you can:

  • identify and use variables, operators, inputs, outputs and assignments
  • understand and use the three basic programming constructs used to control the flow of a program: Sequence; Conditionals; Iteration
  • understand and use suitable loops including count and condition controlled loops
  • use different types of data including Boolean, string, integer and real appropriately in solutions to problems
  • understand and use basic string manipulation
  • understand and use basic file handling operations: open, read, write and close
  • define and use arrays as appropriate when solving problems.

This evidence will drawn from:

  • Your full code listing
  • Discussion of techniques used