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SQL Queries


This is the main query that is needed for the OCR GCSE Specification in the exam. This is the query used to retrieve data stored in a database.

There are many other SQL queries but it is unlikely that you will be test on them.

Examples Queries

SELECT Queries with Wildcard

SELECT * FROM Customers;

This would select all the columns from the customer table.

SELECT Queries with where

SELECT Name, Telephone FROM Customers WHERE OrderID = 521;

This would select the Name and Telephone Columns from the Customers  table for any record where the OrderId = 521;

SELECT Queries with Logical Operators

SELECT  Name, Address FROM Customers WHERE Age > 55;

This would return the name and address of all cutomers who are over 55 years old

SQL Practice

The best way to learn SQL is to just practice the queries. Have a go at these sites and learn some SQL!


Great for practice activities


w3Schools SQL

Another great site for practice


SQL Island Game

Progress through this game by using SQL

You can use Python to read and write SQLite databases on your computer, which is a great way to store data when you move beyond simple text files in your GCSE Coding projects. Check out these videos on how it works:

Creating SQLite  databases and tables

Inserting Data into Databases

Retrieving data from databases

Updating database tables

Deleting items from databases