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Coding Assessment 1

Coding Assessment 1 – Anagram Game

This is your first coding assessment. You will have 4 hours class time, plus research time in your own time to complete as many of the tasks as possible.

You will be required to write a Python program to solve as many of the tasks as possible.

Your objective is to write a Python anagram game where the user has to guess an anagram of a word.

An example of a working game can be found on the link below.

Anagram Game


These are the tasks to be completed.

  1. Display a start menu with suitable options. (e.g. start game, view high scores, exit)
  2. Open a text file of words and reads the contents into a word list.
  3. Pick a random word from the list and create an anagram of it.
  4. Displays the anagram and asks the user to guess the answer.
  5. Checks the anagram against the original and displays a suitable  response.
  6. Repeats steps 2 to 4 ten times.
  7. Keeps track of the user’s score and prints it out the score and percent correct.
  8. Save the user’s name & score to a text file.
  9. Create a screen that displays saved scores.

Each of the above tasks are worth 2 marks.


  • You don’t need to do all the tasks in order. Some tasks are easier / quicker than others – prioritise.
  • Each task is marked independently so you won’t lose marks if you cant do another task.
  • You can discuss your solutions with friends and point each to helpful websites, but copying will result in both students receiving no marks for that task.

Words list

Here is the words list:



You will be expected to submit a hard copy of your code by the deadline date.

You should use a ( linked below) to format your code before you print it.

Make sure  you paste the highlighted code into word and put your name at the top of the paper.

Teacher Slides

Here is the link to the teacher Slides PowerPoint

Teacher Slides