Student feedback from the Blockly unit

‘I have learnt that if you give up first time nothing will happen, but if you try you level up and this is a giant step in life for me, thank you!’

‘My favourite lesson was movie on Blockly because it was the most challenging compared to the other less advanced levels. You get to create and make different shapes and colours, and you also get to experiment with different colours and different shapes to make characters.’

‘My least favourite lesson was Angry Birds because the levels tended to be very easy.’

‘My favourite lesson was the movie making because it was the most advanced compared to the Angry Birds lesson. I think this lesson was quite hard when I first did it, but if I did it again I would do it quite easily.’

‘My favourite lesson was lesson 4 because it was challenging but fun.’

‘I have learned that coding a computer is harder than it looks.’

‘The lessons were very easy. I learned a lot of things.’

‘On Blockly I enjoyed helping people finish their lesson, also I liked having fun with it and not giving up.’

‘I didn’t really like wen we had to stop using the blocks because they were a big help. Also I didn’t enjoy Blockly Pond because it was a bit tricky.’

‘The lesson I like was the bird one. I thought it was one of the was not all coding, it was challenging but that’s what I liked about it.’

‘I didn’t enjoy having to transfer from the coding blocks to having to write them out. It was tricky at first and very confusing but with help from my teacher, Mr West, I am now fine with it and it is quite easy.’

The thing I liked least was when I chose to do Python rather than blocks. Most people chose blocks and I found it harder than them. To improve I would probably go back and complete all the ones that I didn’t do’.

‘My favourite lesson was when we created Christmas cards on Python, I really enjoyed that lesson because we created what we wished. Mt West made it really fun by making it a competition and everyone had loads of fun 🙂 🙂 🙂

‘For the different lessons and challenges in class and for homework,  I knew how to type code using Turtle but making the pattern/design was quite a challenge, but a challenge is good and helps you learn! ‘