Breakfast making algorithm

You have 5 minutes in which to write down the set of steps required to make breakfast for a guest.

Think about:

  • What questions and decisions might you have to make?
  • What things might you have to remember in your head?
  • What things might you have to repeat?

Once you have finished writing your algorithm, pass it over to a friend and get them to check it.

  • Can they find any problems with it or any suggestions for improvements?
  • Can they find any ways of making your algorithm more efficient?


The objective of today’s lesson is to complete the 13 puzzles on the MineCraft ‘Hour of Code’ page.

MineCraft Challenges


Remember to upload each of your challenge’s code to the QuizMaster site as you do them!


Blockly MineCraft Challenge 1


Build a MineCraft House

Spend 5 minutes working your way through challenge 14 – Building your own MineCraft house!

After 5 minutes swap with a friend and take a look at their MineCraft house.

What do you like about their house and the way they have coded it?

Are there any ways they could have made their code more efficient.

If you are proud of your house or code, ask you teacher to display you house and code in front of the class. You could even talk other students through how you coded it!

minecraft build a house challenge


For homework complete any of the challenges that you haven’t completed.